April 25, 2011

allow me to explain...

should my youngest little man approach you...
and request..
or demand...
or basically say anything to the effect of wanting his "Piss Bunny"...

first, i apologize. 
second, please know that he is requesting his bunny-shaped Pez dispenser. 
the one he received in his basket on Easter morning.

and, no need to check with me. 
you are more than welcome to give it to him. 
why, you ask? 
because he refuses to eat the contents. 
he insists that it is "bunny-rabbit food." 

as a result, he spent a good portion of the day begging for candy, with his faithful little "piss bunny" in hand. 
(TIP: should he approach you in this fashion, he definitely does not appreciate you giggling in response.)

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