April 26, 2011

check-ups and other legal forms of torture

with birthday season comes the annual trip to the pediatrician.
i told anth that i had called his doctor and scheduled him for a visit.

anth is old enough to know that, as much as he loves his pediatrician, visiting him goes hand in hand with getting jabbed in the arm/thigh with a needle.
this part of the visit trumps the fun of showing his doctor how much taller he is, or what random bit of info he has learned recently.

this has clearly been on anth's mind, as he approached me in the kitchen recently to ask, "hey mom? you know why i don't like to get shots?"

the sudden burst of pain?
i mean, let's be real, that's why i don't like them...

but, not anth.
"i don't like them becuase my arm gets all sore and then it's hard to get good rest at night."

who is this kid?
i am torn between this being,
   a. evidence of his sheer endearingness/desire to be his best, or
   b. a quite masterful attempt at getting out of a shot for a quality reason.

i can go either way, really.

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