April 21, 2011


this little gem was observed by Bernie...
and, for the most part, this post was written by my lovely hubby.
with some "additions" on my part.

because he is just too nice to be sassy about the boys...

heading into bedtime, bern asked anth to go ahead into the bathroom and brush his teeth, telling him that he would be right there.

we typically let the boys do the initial work, and then come in for some recovery.
and by recovery, i mean to actually brush their teeth.
because, were it up to ben, he would just stand there and quietly eat the toothpaste, happy as a clam.

as bern was changing into his "pajamas" in the next room, he heard anth let out a disapproving “ugh…”
this was quickly followed by a vehement, “curse you tooth brush!”

bern got up to see what was wrong.
anth was standing at the sink, staring at his toothbrush.
he was giving it the universally recognized look for "you are a dissapointment to me."

of course, bern asked anth what was wrong.
anth: “I can’t believe my tooth brush. It just stopped working”

anth uses an electric tooth brush and it had stopped spinning.
likely because the batteries died.
apparently we have spoiled him far too long with a mechanized tooth brush…
so much so that he has no idea that he could “manually” scrub his teeth and get the same result.

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