April 16, 2011

out of control

tonight, bern and i are going out with my friend heather and her beau dave. 
we had an exciting week and want to celebrate. 
(for those who felt i was being awkwardly vague in my previous post, heather and i were both elected to serve another term in our positions on USAC, Ohio State's University Staff Advisory Committee. we are both big nerds and very excited about this. what's USAC? check us out.)

no, i won't be having a "'rita" tonight, thank you very much. 

when telling the boys that benny's friend "Phe-ow" was coming over to babysit while we are gone, anth threw his head back and and exclaimed, "but you JUST went on a date!"

yes, sweet boy. 
mommy and daddy did already go on A date in 2011. 
at this rate, we're heading for a banner year. 

watch out. 

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