April 18, 2011

now we are six

ok...so this is pretty much a week late.
and i'm perfectly happy with that fact.

because it means the gents and i have been hanging out and having fun and getting in some good quality time in our post-MBA life.
so here's to more sporadic posts due to extra time with all of my boys.

but...as promised...here are a few photos from anth's bday.

for a variety of reasons this year, we chose to forgo the "friends" birthday party for one year. 
bern and i took the day off of work to spend it with anth. 
i forgot my camera...
imagine lovely pictures of the following: 
he choose McDonald's for breakfast, and to see the movie Hop after that. 
(if you like...plots...not high on my list of recommendations.)
he then wanted honey chicken for lunch (no idea) so we went to Pei Wei. 
where he officially declared honey chicken to be gross. 
we also hit the LEGO store for some Star Wars and Harry Potter fun, as well as Target. 
then it was time to pick up benny and do the rest of the festivities at home. 

one must always decorate for a birthday party in the savvy abode. 

little man did his very best to only help open the presents with his eyes. 

sometimes the presents were really exciting...

sometimes, not so much...

anth chose a "funfetti" cake. 

we asked him what the best part of being 6 was...
his sentiments? 
"i finally get to do all those things i couldn't when i was younger." 

when you were young...

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