May 17, 2011

graduation lamentation

anth officially graduates from kindergarten this week.
(yes, this is all happening way too fast for me.)

in order to celebrate this moment in the lives of his classmates, his teachers have put together a ceremony.
it will be held this saturday where he attends school.
one of the parents reached out and suggested that we make it a potluck.
knowing my  range of skills in the kitchen, and our schedule this week (AKA, i plan to attend an excessive amount of musicals and we have staff closing events...), i offered to bring a dessert item.
i told anth this last night.
the thought was that he would be excited.


he has officially declared that "having to go to school on a stay at home day" is "definitely not something to celebrate."
his words.

the kid loves school.
apparently, he loves weekends just a little bit more.

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