May 20, 2011

ha. ha. hahahaha. ha.

Off The Lake's musical stylings reach well beyond the traditional broadway stage.
this little ditty was taken (on my phone, per usual) at their mini-cabaret on Wednesday night.
this event is a little treat that the members allow themselves in the days between their two performance weekends, and is hosted by and for current members instead of the general public.
and, as evidenced here, tends to have moments of sheer hilarity...

(why, yes, the gent on the right, Eric Neunschwander, is playing a melodica.)
(and, yes, i needed to ask OTL member Lauren Decker what exactly he was playing.)
(and, yes, Eric. you are welcome.)
all of this to say, here's to a wonderful closing weekend for the 2010-2011 OTLers!
here's to a great OTLumni night tomorrow! (coined by Brandon Boring...)
so! much! love!

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