May 24, 2011


benjamin likes to play sous chef in the savarese kitchen.
mainly when mommy is baking.
he is especially good at cleaning spoons with that pesky substance known as dough on them.

recently, ben's favorite thing to do is to stir.
note: i learned to stir the bowl a bit first before handing it off.
the hard way.
this is because when  you dont, and you have an eager child, this results in a small layer of flour on everything within a four foot range of said child.

he was excited to have the opportunity to stir up some brownies for me recently.
and, being the daddy's boy that he is, he is also always proud to show daddy whatever he has dreampt up, drawn, created, or recently accomplished.

bern came into the kitchen just as ben was finishing up his stirring responsibilities.
beaming, he declared, "look daddy! i'm making brownies all by myself! (pause)...with mom."

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