May 21, 2011


today was anth's kindergarten graduation ceremony. 

it was a sunny day for the big event. 
thumbs up. 

each student had a board of pictures representing their year.

my favorite of anth is this one of him concentrating on his self-portrait.

 anth and anna scope out the other displays. 

 some idle banter.

 benny slowly sidled in closer to the student teacher, amelia. 

 overall, ben was non-plussed. 

 anth and one of his teachers, donna. 

 anth and amelia. 

 anth and mom. 
 ben and spot under bench. 

after some potluck fun it was time to gather up and give out the graduation certificates. 

 here is anth with teachers donna and leann.

 anth's bud jack. :)

 the kids also received certificates for completing their coursework in Spanish with lauren's mom. 

 then it was time to go outside and circle up...

...while satya and his mommy released butterflies!

 anth even got a chance to touch one!!!

then it was time for a class photo. 
note: this is bernie removing benny from said photo. 

 there we go.

and, a classy one for the road. 

mommy's heart may have endured a tad more than it could handle today. 
just maybe. 

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