May 8, 2011

Savvy Celebrations

just in case you were wondering what Momma's Day looks like in our house, here is the cliffnotes version. 

1. you get to sleep in. which, here, was 8am. but, i'll take it!
2. you then cram all 4 family members into mom and dad's bed and watch Iron Man in your pajamas. this makes the boys happy because it's Iron Man, and mom happy because Robert Downey, Jr. has been a favorite since Ally McBeal. 
3. later you get to pick where to go for lunch. somewhere classy? never. Chili's. yum. 
4. followed by starbucks. coffee. always coffee on a special day. 
5. you talk to Jen Shields about the fact that her building is leaking in a variety of ways. :)
6. later you come home and get to open some presents. which daddy and boys did a great job of packaging. but you might forget to take a picture of that part becuase, hey, you like presents. 
7. you also have a fun package that came from your friend, kelly, not for mother's day but as a congrats. 

so you end up with this...the ultimate set of gifts to make krystyne happy...
- anything made by Fossil. (in this case, the bag your hubby noticed you drooling over.)
- a random range of music
- more access to coffee. 
- and vast amounts of popcorn. (that was from kelly. who, yes, is also the one who previously sent me seasoning for Chex mix. hooray for gifts you get to eat.)

and then, when the little men are napping and the husband is mowing the lawn, you get to sneak a second to make this post. 

tomorrow...if my brain does that crazy little thing called remembering...i will post a picture of the world's best mother's day card. 

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