May 4, 2011

benny picks a new favorite song...

it will probably not shock you to know that i own much of the music from the show GLEE.
and regularly listen to it in the car.
this will be important later...

yesterday, while reading my friend kelly's blog, i was reminded of an important GLEE/OSU moment in my life that i completely forgot to commemorate.
yesterday was the one year anniversary of our flash mob at the Ohio Union on May 3rd, 2010.
i have thought about the fact that that was coming up regularly over the last few months.
and then forgot on the day of.

this is par for the course for me these days.
in the post-MBA splendour of our lives, we are actually experiencing more chaos.
this is not entirely surprising.
our schedule before was:
     - bern: work or in class 3-4 nights a week and studying on the weekend.
     - krystyne: work or at home with boys doing houseish/parentingish things
     - boys: daycare or see above
this was a not-so-thrilling, but highly predictable routine.

now that bern is out of school we have added things like "Gym" and little league baseball to our routine.
these two things should not be all that life-altering.
and yet, i'm am perplexed by exactly how millions of families manage to work, pick up the kids, take them to practice, feed them (a respectable) dinner, bathe them, hopefully engage with them a bit and get them to bed.
before midnight.
and with enough time to, perhaps, breathe a little.
lessons learned so far?
i don't get it all done gracefully, i need to accept imperfections, and i better hold my breath.

so...i forgot it was the anniverary of the flash mob.
which i absolutely loved being a part of, and reminded me why i love the wide variety of what i classify as "work."
(no, none of this was practiced during normal work hours.)
kelly reminded me of it in a blog post that was more of an Ode to the Lost Art of the Mix Tape.
in said post, she asked folks to list what songs would be on their ultimate mixed tape/burned CD/playlist.
though it pained me, and i know the list is not comprehensive (step toward accepting imperfections) can see mine in her comments if you are nosy.
i was only able to narrow it down to 20.

all of this leads to this fun fact: benny has recently declared that his new favorite song is....

drumroll, please....

the GLEE version of Bills, Bills, Bills.
(edit...thanks to PJ, who pointed out that i really am as much of a distracted mess as i said.)
i have chosen not to inform him that, technically, bern and i are floating his entire existence right now.
hence, he would qualify as a recipient of the message of this song. 

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  1. Is this a bad time to tell you that Bills, Bills, Bills is a Destiny's Child song... not TLC? haha