June 10, 2011

fail photo 29 - you don't have to go home...

today was closing day in the residence halls at Ohio State. 
it started out with a torrential downpour and ended with a pleasantly sunny, but hot for my taste, kind of afternoon. 
i have had anth in tow all week at work. 
he is in a strange little limbo between kindergarten wrapping up and starting his summer sports/swim camp next week. 
the two of us were on foot today.
this is a slow-going process on a campus as large as OSU with a 6-year-old who insists on carrying all of his perceived possessions of worth on his person in an oversized backpack. 

all of this brings me to this long overdue "fail photo."

i don't know why...but i have pretty much loved the following photo for the last 5 plus years. 

this may make me a rather strange mother. 
but, nonetheless, it pretty much captures exactly how i feel right...about...now. 

(here's to many great adventures for our Buckeyes who are moving on to new adventures today, giant piles of gratitude to the folks who got them all through the year, and to a peaceful and reflective summer to the staff they left behind!)

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