June 12, 2011


You would have to be Facebook friends with Kara to understand the title.
but, she is starting a phenomenon...

the lovely Kara Ulseth is a former RA and RM who worked with Bernie while he was a Hall Director in both Siebert Hall and Morrill Tower. 
she is also a former student turned friend.
and, she came into town last weekend to serve as the keynote speaker at our Residence Life end of the year banquet.
this is because she is:
1. hilarious, and
2. doing fabulous things at Dreamworks.

she drew some fun ties between her job at Dreamworks and the work she did as an RA.
(later, she would explain to bern and i that she does regular one on ones with her team members, supervisor, staff meetings, and daily rounds of her floor. yep. pretty much the same gist.)
she also delivered some quality messages regarding working in a community and the importance of relationships.

and, like any good Buckeye, she snagged a photo with Brutus.
overall, it was a lovely event and she did a fabulous job.

here we are after the festivities.
we are both shorter than the average bear, and yet we are both leaning down in this shot.
ponder that. 

the more exciting part of her speech was that we all got to spend some QT with kara over the weekend.
(apparently anth told Bern we needed to go to the bank and get lots of money before we saw her. because we must owe her lots of money for watching all those movies she's made so many times. this resulted in an info session on flow of currency a la Bern.)

we started out at Donatos. 
ben discovered pink lemonade. 
lots and lots of pink lemonade. 

ben was a bit tuckered out from running around in the sun at anth's baseball game earlier in the day. 
this is an important note regarding the next few pictures. 

on kara's last visit back to columbus, she was introduced to jeni's ice cream for the first time. 
(if you live anywhere near columbus and haven't been, sad for you.)
it was a must see on our day together. 
i told ben he couldn't have ice cream unless he smiled for a picture. 
i guess this is what i get for going for a forced shot. 

the line was a tad long and there were lots of flavors to consider, so the boys and i grabbed a fun little 
bench seat by the window.
there were some lovely flowers on the table. 
anth took a moment to, apparently, ponder life. 

ben to a moment to further sabotage my attempts at documenting his existence. 

and then, yes, my boys broke out in a rather loud version of "firework" by katy perry. 
you will notice that benny was singing at such a high volume that he found it necessary to plug his own ears.

and eventually, ben ran out of creative ideas for being obstinate.

but it was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix. 

thanks for the lovely day, kara!
hooray for good times with good people!

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