June 14, 2011

i call it face art...

late last week i was talking to my colleagues about the fact that benny is currenlty sporting a big ol', classy black eye.

Exhibit A:

when asked what happened to his eye, he simply eplained, "i ran into Sharwit (Charlotte). Wif my face."
this occurred at daycare.
thankfully, sharwit remains unbruised.
i was telling my colleagues that it makes me feel awkward to drag him around in public with a big fat shiner.
i feel like people look at me funny.
i am assuming it is less the assumption that i actually gave it to him, and more so the judgment call that i somehow allowed it to happen to him.
to these people, i say, have you ever had a small child?
and, if so, did they interact with other small children?
and, if they remained uninjured at all times, well then i say give me a call.

my colleauges assured me that i was just being paranoid.
that an occasional marking doesn't warrant that reaction.
apparently one injury to the face isn't so bad.

Exhibit B: (this was taken last night to show the healing.)

we were well on our way to an injury free face. 
and then last night happened. 

the boys were bouncing on my bed. 
i informed them that i would like them to stop. 
this could only end badly. 


the next thing i knew, the boys were bouncing again. 
and benny had one of bern's house shoes in his hands. 
while bouncing. 
and anth decided he did not want to be hit with said house shoe. 
so he put out his leg to block his brother. 
(some would call this a "kick.")
because benjamin had some good lift going, this little "nudge" sent him on a lovely trajectory. 
into the edge of the drink tray that comes out of my nightstand. 
it was one of those moments that you can acutally hear in full detail. 
those who have (or perhaps, have been) rowdy kids might know what i mean. 
i heard the distinct sounds of human falling all over furniture, bouncing back off of the bed, and hitting the ground with a solid thud. 

and now we have this to add to his little facial art collection. 
Exhibit C:

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  1. Stop.Beating.Your.Children.
    Is it bad that I laughed out loud at the story? You're such a great writer that I could picture it all happening. Though I of course wish your children no pain or ill will.