July 16, 2011

the best better be yet to come...

my grandma gave me my first camera when i was in 5th grade. 
my first photos were taken at the Santa Anita Racetrack and in the Japanese Gardens at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA. 
since then, i've always been someone who likes to take pictures. 
bernie even bought me a shiny new camera for Christmas last year. 

sadly, i have not yet learned how to do anything super useful on said camera. 
the pictures are simply sharper. 
this is 99% my own fault. 

but sometimes, as in the case of this past weekend, i kind of have to be a small child about the whole thing and point my finger at someone else. 
or two someone elses. 
in this case, the subject. 

i mean, come on. 
really guys?
. . .

one is not looking. 
the other is paying homage to Gene Simmons. 

benny = still not looking. 
anth = some complex emotion i can't entirely describe. 

benjamin. . . not looking, but emoting. 
anth. . . apparently shocked. while looking at the camera. that has been in front of him for some time at this point. 

also, i would like to say, i am aware that i do not usually type the ellipsis in the proper format
this is a result of something much more powerful than lack of proper training on the ellipsis. 
pure laziness. 
i mean, seriously. 
have you seen my use of capitalization?

so we are getting closer. 
except for that unfortunate thing that benny is doing with his mouth. 
and the fact that anth has clearly been holding this smile a few seconds too long.

i'll take it. 

also...completely shameless poll. 
i want a more simple and clean look for mysavvyboys. 
but i'm a true Gemini. 
i'm torn between a few options. 
i kind of love the designs on designerblogs.com.
but i can't decide. 
any you like? 

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