July 15, 2011

fail photo 31: things i shouldn't have to teach

this morning, i got out of bed at 5:38.
we had prepped lunches, snacks, backpacks and clothes the night before.
yet, somehow, we still managed to be running late as a unit of four.

the boys were thrilled.
because this meant we would drive by tim horton's for breakfast/OJ.
this is not a usual drill by any means.
but it does get employed on what seems to be a quarterly basis.
benny practically burst out of his seat begging for "spinkles."
he was informed he could have a plain cake donut but not icing on a school day. 
then he asked for a green donut.
i've never really seen one of these.
i'm certain he hasn't either.
but, hey. can't hurt to ask, right?

all of this brings me to this photo i took a few months back on one of the boys birthdays.
becuase, you see, i am embarrassed.
there are some things i didn't think i should have to teach the boys.
like, say, how to properly eat a donut...

here you find the evidence.
these are discards.

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