July 22, 2011

Fail Photo 32: Macy's fail

generally, the "fail photos" that i post here are of the boys.
not that they are failures in general.
just at taking pictures.
more specifically, at being in pictures.
most specifically, at being in pictures that i want to show to other humans.
i have a shortage of pictures with their faces doing things like looking at the camera and, say, smiling.
in the end, i guess this is fine.
i will have plenty of fun photos to share with their future dates.

i fell out of the "fail photo friday" practice on the blog for a while.
i'm trying to reign myself back in.
it's the only "theme" day i have, so it really should be somewhat easy.
there is some level of humor in my failing at fail photos.

anyway, this week's photo is not of my children.
it was taken back in the winter at our local Macy's.
i simply had to take a picture.
i mean, this is some pretty brilliant product placement. . .
though perhaps not what they are trying to sell at Macy's.

Dear Macy's,

get it together.
this is NOT the conversation i wanted to be having with anth and ben while trying to run into the mall for new tennis shoes.
thanks in advance.


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