July 24, 2011

a new kind of date

a while back, i had to acknowledge that two pivitol things were happening for me on July 15th. 
both the final Harry Potter movie, and the new Winnie The Pooh movie were being released. 
now, i love harry potter. 
but i adore winnie the pooh. 
as in, i wrote my college admission essay to UC Irvine on the multiple identities/personalities i could see within myself in the cast of pooh. 
and when i was an RA, my building's theme was the 100 Acre Wood. 
there was a tigger wing, eeyore wing, etc. 
(there was high drama when some of my life-sized sketches of the characters were stolen. they were later found in the room of two strangers in another building. but those are bygones. clearly.)
suffice it to say, i think A.A. Milne is quite clever. 

bern took benny to his first movie, Cars 2, along with anth while i was in New Orleans. 
i just told him i needed to take the boys to see Pooh. 
(this probably sounded funny over the phone in the hotel lobby.)
thus, i have still not seen the final HP, but this afternoon, i took my two nuggets, and a giant bag of Twizzlers for the biggest boy in the house, to see the new movie. 

the movie was really quite short, but had some cute homages to the original films. 
on the way home, benny declared that i am Kanga, bern is Owl (haha), anth is Christopher Robin (rather accurate), and that he is, of course, Pooh. 
he is still debating who is the "backson," the scary character in the movie. 
and, though most of our "dates" now include company, i'll take it. 

and now, it is time to make dinner. 
you see, i'm feeling rather rumbly in my tumbly. 

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