July 13, 2011

why moms attend conferences

bern and i try to commute to campus together whenever possible. 
we also have great ambitions of sitting down every sunday night to cover our schedules for the week ahead. 
(okay. i have a-type ambitions that bern is kind enough to humor.)
the vision is to use sundays to determine what days we can drive together.
and also to sort out who will drop off/scoop up the boys on the days we can't.

there are a few things that happen with this plan:
1. we make a schedule on sunday night and it works for the week, 
2. we make a schedule on sunday and then schedule meetings that muck up said schedule, or
3. we forget to do this on sunday and end up convening every evening (slash morning).

i'll let you guess which number is home for us. 

during the week after spring finals, i had a conference to attend on campus. 
it was the Women in Student Affairs conference, and i needed to be at work earlier than usual. 
anth was in the room as we were sorting out cars for this day, and he asked us what a conference was. 
bern and i explained that it was like going to a mini-camp full of different classes all day. 
"why do you have to go to a conference, mom?"
before i was able to answer this, he added, "is it because you just don't know much?"

kindly, bern chose to take the answer on this one.

tonight, i am back in town after being away for 5 days at the annual conference for housing professionals. 
it was a good learning experience, and a great chance to catch up with old colleagues and  chat with new ones in the very distinct New Orleans. 
there are a few blog posts lingering in this trip. 
the boys picked me up from the airport. 
we grabbed a dinner together, and i put the boys to bed while bern is mowing the lawn. 
i was away for 5 days, so it's good to be home. 

but, i also have to ponder...
exactly how much did anth think i didn't know that it required i be sent off for 5 days this time?

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