August 1, 2011

brown paper packages tied up with strings. . .

no idea what i'm referring to with that title?

1. sad for you.
2. my mom would me more than happy to spend 3 hours watching her favorite movie with you.
3. don't have three hours or a plane ticket to California? here you go. (please excuse the cheeseball photos in the background. i literally watched like 7 of these. best i could find.)

anyway. this post is simply about my 5 most recent obsessions.
no. i am not referring to a scent from our friend calvin. sheesh, people. 
i am, in fact, simply sharing things that have, of late, been the focus of much enjoyment in the savvy abode.
today it's about my favorites. 

1. pens. this time, a specific one.

the appropriately named, TUL pen.
i have always loved office supplies.
specifically pens and journals.
but oh my goodness. why did it take so long to meet my gel ink soulmate?
best. pen. yet.
(and how lucky am i to have a multipurpose kid/pen model?)

3. the new Kooman & Dimond album.
this one is for the people who understood this post's title.
it was referred to me by my friend Chris Hallam and it is a collection of stand alone musical songs, from a musical theatre writing duo who met while studying at Carnegie Mellon.
there is somehow a bonus point or two thrown in for me when people meet while studying and actually do something great. (i also enjoy kerrigan-lowdermilk)
it validates folks like, i don't know, recovering English majors.
anyway, the songs on Out of Our Heads range from sweetly sad to hilarious riduculousness.
it's worth checking out. if you have a somewhat dark and twisty sense of humor.
it includes anything from a tongue in cheek number about stalking, the plight of trying to make a career in Broadway as an african american woman, a duet between a temp & a receptionist that makes more double entendre out of office supplies than even i can handle. (my favorite is "like sheets of paper, you and i will collate")
and then there are the more sappy love gone right and love gone wrong numbers.
i'm a gemini. 
it's my dream compilation.

3. Kimble Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer.


my dear friend Joy mailed me this for my birthday.
i used to have crunchy curls.
not only are they softer now, they smell pretty, too.
if you don't have curls, you simply can't understand. 
(also. fun fact about krystyne. with an extra $1.34 on her iTunes account, what one song did she choose after much searching.
Love Song by Tesla. Circa 1989. no brainer.)

4. ABCFamily.


i've admitted to this before.
but, i love me some Pretty Little Liars and, now, Switched at Birth.
(and, when it's back on the air, Make It Or Break It. teenage gymnasts. high drama.)
maybe as much as So You Think You Can Dance.
and that's a lot.
like, right now, there is a small but noticeable part of me wondering what is happening in the new episode.
that is recording right now.
must. type. faster. 

i love this website. 
as the tagline states, they offer a deal on some fun little boutique item. 
it's like etsy and groupon made a cute little baby. 
and i love cute babies. 
most of the time, the stuff is geared for the 10-and-under female. 
but it's generally precious and my favorite email to check when i wake up every morning. 

curious what has piqued bern, ben and anth's interest over the past few weeks?
i'll tell you tomorrow. 
(not curious? see you Friday!)
anth is still deciding his #5 
i mean, this is a very serious matter. 


  1. We're thrilled you like the album! Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. :)

  2. oh my, i think we could be besties lol.

    i, too, enjoy pens (and any office supply really - don't even get me started) and found the TUL pens about a year ago. did you know they come in fun colors as well?? for realz. they also have a fine point gel pen as well as TUL ballpoint pens, which admittedly is not as cool as the gel pens but don't leave marks on the back of paper. and since i'm a notebook note-taker, that's a big deal. so i switch back and forth on a semi regular basis - yes, really.

    i'll have to check out that album, looks appealing.

    my hair has ZERO curl so that product would be wasted on me. /sigh

    haven't gotten into ABC Family yet - we are still on curious george dvds

    don't know about very jane but super curious!!

    will you help me with my blog?!