August 2, 2011

things bernie likes

i don't often focus mysavvyboys on the oldest boy in the house. 
but today, for fun, bern gets a featured spot. 
for yesterday's post about my favorite things, i had to work on cutting back and limiting it to five.
let's just say he's not a man to be caught up in fads.
so, here is his top 5, (somewhat) according to him.

1. Consistency and Order
yep. seriously. 
and the poor kid picked me as a life partner.
as he explains, he just really likes 90 degree angles.
he likes his brain and environment to be in some (high) semblance of order.
or he can't enjoy the things that follow:

2. Apple
virtually anything made by Apple makes bernie happy.
this is consistently true. 
iPods, iPhones, iPads, his MacBook, etc.
i have to admit . . .
iPeed a little when i saw him wandering in this direction at Best Buy recently.
fortunately, he kept going. 

3. His bag
in which he keeps his iPad.
he actually searched long and hard for a good bag for this.
and he found a super cute one.
(not, perhaps, the descriptor he would use for it.)
it is neither too big or too small, is leather, and does not have birds or flowers on it. 
i specify the last one because while he was looking for the perfect bag, i was sending him 
helpful ideas, like this one
and this one
it's a good thing i'm so helpful to him. 
here is his square-shaped dream come true:

4. The Debt Ceiling
okay, so he does not love the debt ceiling.
but he was fascinated by the news related to it.
which leads me to his final favorite:

5. Meet The Press
this was one of the things he missed the most while working on his MBA.
(ahem. after his family.)
and now, at long last, they are back together.
as bern said, he's been reunited.
and it feels so good.
(yes, that was a direct quote.)

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