August 22, 2011


so, i usually use this blog to highlight life's funnier moments.
but, every once and a while, i still like to insert the proud mommy moments. 
bern told me a story recently that i just had to share.
because, though i like to jest, my boys are pretty darn sweet overall.

friday was the last day of anth's summer sports camp.
the Camp Recky staff hosted a giant potluck for the campers and their parents.
i had a training event with my department, so bern attended with anth.
they were seated at a table with a camp counselor, a family we already know from daycare and two girls that bern guessed to be 8 or 9 who were on their own.
over the course of the meal, these girls were talking about other campers.
at one point in their conversation, anth thought they were making fun of campers with different abilities.

now, these girls were older than him, and there were clearly other "authority figures" at the table.
still, anth stopped their chat, and explained that the word they were using was making fun of people who had "something going on in their brain that they can't help," and that it really wasn't very nice to do that.

having gone through a training session last wednesday with a group of 20 to 40-somethings on how to engage students in dialogue, especially the kind that is most awkward, and usually the most necessary, this small exchange is encouraging to me.
not only because anth was willing to offer up this thought, but because the two girls agreed with his point and moved in to a different topic.
kids these days. 

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