August 24, 2011

the birds and the. . . bunnies

recently, i shared a few lessons that anth picked up while tagging along with mom to work. 
and by recent, i mean three posts ago. 
in case you are too lazy to scroll down that far, let me help you out

anth had three days this week post-camp and pre-the-first-day-of-school. 
we had a sitter two of these days, but anth spent another day in training with mom on monday. 
the morning was largely dedicated to interacting with staff members from other Student Life offices. 
anth picked up a dollar-sign-shaped stress squeeze toy from our Wellness folks. 
one of my colleagues jokingly asked him if he was stressed about money. 
he seriously responded, that, no he was not stressed about money. just benny. 

the afternoon was dedicated entirely to a session led by a former Ohio State student, Drew Tarvin. 
he served as a Resident Advisor and Resident Manager for our department, and also was one of the founders of the improv group, 8th Floor Improv
he works full time for P&G, but has a company called Humor That Works on the side. 
he brought along a few familiar faces to lead an informative, and highly interactive, session on both the importance of humor in the workplace and relationship building. 
it was an entertaining afternoon, and a few of my colleagues who read the blog wanted to know what anth learned from the sessions that day while playing DS, doing reading workbooks, and singing in the corner of the room. 

i didn't actually ask him that day in the car ride home. 
but i did ask him tonight. 
at first he didn't remember much. 
as in, he responded, "there was a lot of talk about bunnies." 
this was true. we played an improv game called "bunny," or perhaps "bunny bunny." 
it looked a lot like this. but with 60 people. and a lot more movement. and TONS more confusion. 

i asked if he could remember three more things. 
anth works well with specific goals and guidelines. :) 
and the winners were: 

1. the people i work with are really good at dancing. (another festive icebreaker.)
2. laughter is a vitamin. (pretty close to what Drew said.)
3. martin and that girl are really nice. 
(to clarify, martin is one of our new hall directors. "that girl" is an assistant hall director named amanda.  they both sat across from anthony at various times during lunch, and after anth had finished and started playing games on my iPad.)
the more accurate quote was something along the lines of, "they know a lot about games and they actually listened to me. and i'm just a kid."  

i thanked anth for sharing his thoughts on his day with our staff. 
he knew the thoughts were for the blog. 
so he asked me to leave you with this, more global thing he learned while hanging out with mom at work. 
"sometimes, you might have to go to boring things, even if you don't want to."

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