August 14, 2011

lessons from my diaper bag

this title may make it sound like this post will be all deep and meaningful.
perhaps about what I learned during the time the boys were still in diapers.


i mean, i could happily write pages on that topic.
just not today.
today is a little more. . . simple.
what was the essential tidbit learned from carrying I diaper bag for a combined 2.5 years?

i am a one bag girl.
i simply can't manage two bags with any semblance of grace or organization.
physically or mentally.

my hallway colleagues would probably raise an eyebrow at this statement as i often walk in carrying upwards of three bags.
work, lunch, change of clothes if there is something casual that evening, and the other things bag.
but, the rest of the time i just can't do it.

so, recently, when Amanda of shared this post on her new camera bag, my heart fluttered.
i held my breath looking at the pictures.
this was the answer to my problem.
i really love my "fancy camera" bern gave me for christmas.
i really don't love carrying a camera bag with a purse.
this bag does it all.
it has movable compartments, a space for a laptop/iPad/books, and a million and 9 compartments. give or take a million.
i love a bag with multiple compartments.
it. is. lined. in. orange.

(i just got back from a 10 day trip visiting my family in southern california. 
many photos and posts to come about that one. 
but, i have to say, this bag was brilliant in every way i hoped it would be and it made navigating the airport with all of my not-so-necessities a breeze!)

there was one other thing i learned from my diaper bag.
it is highly worth the investment of 2 seconds to ensure you properly capped your butt paste before tossing it in your bag. 
trust me. 

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