August 29, 2011

an unfortunate word association

there are a few things that are consistent about our visits to California.
many of these center around food.
we always go to In-N-Out for burgers.
we always go to Del Taco. generally at least twice.
and we always go to the local restaurant La Villa Kitchen.

we also always pay a group visit to my neighbor, Yvette.
i have known Yvette, and her family, since we moved into my parents' current house in 1987.
she has always been the kind, thoughtful, and hilarious neighbor one would hope to have.

the boys enjoy visiting Yvette.
they also enjoy visiting her dog.
he is a pint-sized Yorkie named Teddy.
mainly, the boys and Teddy entertain themselves by playing fetch with one of Teddy's toys du jour while the adults catch up on life. 

we were there for a while last time, and the game of fetch, along with poor Teddy, was winding down.
Yvette suggested that the boys give Teddy a treat.
they were pretty jazzed about this idea, and anth, benny and teddy followed her to the pantry.
where Yvette pulled out two dog treats, one for each boy.

in unison, anth handed teddy his dog treat, and ben. . . ate his.
unfortunately, we did not clarify the language here.
in Yvette's homes, "treats" are for dogs.
in the Savvy abode, "treats" are sugary snacks.
for people.

the look on poor ben's face was a combination of disgust and shame as he realized what he had done.
sorry, benny.
i promise we love you.

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