August 30, 2011

how to make my kid cry

two gross things happened yesterday.

1. i got the same stomach bug that my little benjamin had last friday.

as a result of this, i was trying to edit last night's post in bed.
and, if you have ever tried to use Blogger on an iPhone, you would know that you can't actually edit the full post.
so i cut and pasted the post into the Notes section of my iPhone where i save quotes and quips and other fun whatnots for the blog.
this lead to the other gross thing.

2. i deleted my ENTIRE list of blog notes.

actually, i pasted the post i was editing over them, and closed out of it before i realized exactly what i had done.
fun fact from me to you: the Notes app on the iPhone does not include "edit undo."
i assume this is because most of the general population does not make such bold attempts at failing at life.

so, friends, i lost about 30 ideas for posts.
fortunately, i have a decent visual memory, and i was able to quickly write down about 19 of them.
but, still.

that's right.
you wanted to know how to make anth weep.
because you're just that kind of person.

so, i am sick.
i stayed home from work on monday, and most of the day today.
tonight is "Curriculum Night" at anth's school.
tonight is also a big event for Bern that requires his presence.
anth put all of this together in the car today on the way to school.
and it was a near traumatic moment as he asked Bern, "but daddy, who will go to my curriculum night?"
this was seriously stressing out our first grader. 
no worries.
we had a sitter.
actually, two.
kelsey of former mysavvyboys ascot fun, and her sister, came over to play with the little men tonight.
and all was well in the world.

during bathtime, anth informed me that he had told his teacher, "my parents might not be here tonight. my dad has some work to do with the presidents and my mom is just sick."
(bern is working an event where the presidents of both OSU and Columbus State will be present.)
as i gave him the world's fastest bath in the 15 minutes i had between getting the boys home and the sitters arriving, i told him that i would definitely be going, and i asked anth what part of curriculum night was most important to him. 
he politely looked at me and said, "because the teacher will tell you what our schedule is, and then you can stop asking what i did every day."

sorry, kiddo. 
you aren't getting out of that one.  

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