September 28, 2011

failure to communicate

remember that time? 
you know. . .
the one when my friend from work came over?
and she brought her precious little girl so we could cook dinner for our kids and let them watch a movie together?
and anth had just gotten his new pumpkin carving kit for this year?
(yes, like 45 weeks early, i know. he's like his mother.)
and his friend wanted to see his pumpkin carving kit, which was still perfectly wrapped and unopened?
and because it was new, and therefore precious to him, he didn't want to share?
and i was thinking, the darn thing is still in it's packaging, so what harm could it be?
so, i, trying to be helpful, told him, in front of his sweet female friend, "oh my goodness anthony. would you please just let her touch your package?"
and my friend and i started laughing?
and i was laughing so hard that i was crying?
and poor anthony and his friend didn't understand what was funny?
and, worse, didn't understand why we wouldn't tell them what was hilarious?
yes, that time.
that was awesome.
it was a proud moment for me. 

i tell you, someone out there really needs to start writing my Parent of the Year recommendation letter. 
i'm full of gems like this. 

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