September 29, 2011

little blue folder - love notes

there is a little blue folder that resides in anthony's backpack. 
it is the one that brought home this recent classroom assignment
typically, it only brings home his classwork and messages from his teacher. 
but, last week, it also brought home a fun  new surprise.

anth and his classroom are currently into what is called "driting."
you start with a written statement, such as "i like," and then draw the rest of the sentence. 
drawing + writing = driting
for anthony, these usually include "i like," and then a picture of a Star Wars character. 
we get a couple of them a day in his little blue folder.
 last week, we found something new in his folder.
there was a piece of regular paper that had been folded into something resembling an envelope.
on the outside, it had what looks like a failed attempt at writing the word "september."
this is crossed out.
then is says "anth."
on the inside was the following little "love note."
i have classified it as such, as it was packaged and given to him by a girl at his table during "driting" time.

a girl, who, is apparently very direct about her ambitions in pursuing this relationship.

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