September 11, 2011

fight songs are confusing - part 1

i have a thing for song lyrics.
when it comes to music, i am often more interested in the lyrics than the music itself.
bern loves a good beat.
for me, lyrics can either win me over or turn me off entirely.

yesterday, i shared a video of benny choosing to exhibit some buckeye pride instead of taking a nap.
this weekend, you get two more stories revolving around the same song.
it's getting a lot of mileage right now.

Story #1: Benny Sings About Getting Intoxicated.
In Public.

benjamin came to work with me a few weeks ago on a day that his daycare center was closed.
we spent a small part of the morning walking around the residence halls in the area of campus i serve.
we were delivering welcome notes and door decs to my Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors.
yes, i make nametags for the office doors of my staff.
it's just a thing we do in residence life.
moving on.
anyway, all of these buildings are connected by an underground tunnel.
this is quite lovely when you want to get to the cafeteria in another building on a snowy day.
to benny, the lovely part was the HEP.
High Echo Potential.
he chose to use this HEP to his advantage.
and, because he was in an appropriately Buckeye-ish mood, he chose to belt out "I Wanna Go Back" at the top of his lungs.
let me tell you, there is nothing like being the parent of a toddler screaming "and when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze, and we'll drink to old ohio 'til we wobble in our shoes" at the top of his lungs.
that's pride.
(until social services comes knocking.)

ben has become increasingly concerned about song lyrics recently.
we spent a good 5 minutes in the car this morning talking about how your soul can catch a cold because we were listening to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.
(here is a genius video with the song and a lovely visual aid.)
ben doesn't like having colds so he was concerned about this new option for getting them.

he was also recently concerned with the lyrics to I Wanna Go Back.
specifically, he asked, "why do they be wobbling in dere shoes?"
shortly after, he answered himself.
"probably betause they saw a lion."
i felt the best parental decision in that moment was to allow him to believe this fact.

come back tomorrow to find out yet another way in which Ohio State Fight Songs made me question my abilities as a parent.

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