September 11, 2011

fight songs are confusing - part 2

Story #2: Anth Interprets an Ohio State Fight Song.

at the top of each month, we go out to dinner as a family.
this month, we went to Uno Chicago Grill for some deep dish.
on our way in, i was telling bernie about Story #1 (see below)
at this point, anth starts singing "I Wanna Go Back" with quite a bit of moxy.
when he got to the lyric, "and when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze," out came the following:
"and when we win the game, we'll buy a kangaroo!"

i laughed.
and then i stopped laughing.
because i realized he was serious.
he legitimately thinks that when Buckeyes win football games, the appropriate response is to purchase a marsupial.

and here is where day two of "krystyne questions her parental decision making" came into play.
i looked at bern.
and i could tell we both kind of wanted to correct him.
in the end, we didn't.
but just barely.

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