September 6, 2011

filling out the form

benny officially transitioned to the toddler room at daycare today. 
he is pretty darn excited about this. 
especially because his teacher's name is ben. 
this makes his teacher, "Big Ben."
this does not, however, make benny "Little Ben."
do not make this mistake. 
trust me. 

along with benny's transition, the daycare center asks the parents to fill out a form about their child for the new teacher. 
this makes perfect sense. 
i asked benny to help me fill out the form. 
here were his two cents...

Favorite Food: gum!!! 
(i believe this is somewhere on the new food pyramid. no? oops.)
Least Favorite Food: (makes face) pickles 
(i have photographic evidence of his feelings on this.)
What Makes Your Child Feel Better When They Are Upset: pat my back.
What Frightens Your Child: ghosts! 
(clearly, ben has had a lot of encounters with ghosts in his three years.)

the form went on to include other things like allergies and discipline methods at home. 
but i came to one line that stopped me in my tracks. 
Please Describe Your Child's Disposition

though it is clearly not what i wrote down, "i apologize in advance" may have briefly crossed my mind. 

Happy Day 1 of Pre-School for my sweet boy and Happy Day one of RA Training to our staff!

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