September 15, 2011

if only the beach didn't come with an ocean . . .

i still haven't finished putting up the four sets of photos i have from california.
i am such a slacker.
or my life is so exciting that i had even more fun things to post about.
interpret as you will. 

actually, the boys have been up to all kinds of antics over the last week or so.
and anth has brought home some fabulous classwork i will share soon.
but, i have been involved in a variety of things this week at work that have included moving 50 heavy tables, operating a life size game of Yahtzee, handing out ridiculous amounts of magnets, wearing a fake mustache, unloading the cars of incoming residents, and talking to first year students about utilizing their strengths.
most of this has involved standing all day.
and, apparently, i am no longer cut out for . . . standing.
because i'm pooped.
so, a few lazy posts for you over the next few days as we work to move in our almost 11,000 OSU residents between now and Sunday.
captions feel like something i can manage tonight.
partway through our time in california, my sister Katie and her boyfriend Jeff flew out from Kauai to join us.
i wish i could say that my pale self was a result of living in ohio.
but that would make me a liar.
i was just gifted with the irish skin in the family.

we immediately decided the best thing to do would be to put ben somewhere easy to monitor.

ben immediately did . . . this.
i am not sure what "this" is.

katie and jeff always bring fun things from hawaii with them.
i got some lovely smelling soaps and kona cookies, and we all shared some pineapple wine.
she made the executive decision that the boys would probably prefer toys to coconuts and mangoes.
she picked kites.
this was a fantastic decision.
especially for anth, who had decided he didn't enjoy the whole ocean part of the beach.
and sandcastles require ocean water, so those were out.
so, really, there was only so much paddle ball a person could play.
kites were a welcome new adventure to him.

aunt katie mae & anth
back to paddle ball.

aunt katie and her beau jeff

more paddle ball.
not an exaggeration.
katie's boyfriend jeff is a surfer.
who lives in kauai.
after a full day with no surf board, he slummed it up with a boogie board just to get out in the water.

ben loves putting on his sunscreen.
i mean, just look at that.
pure joy.
one of the few family shots we have from the trip.
please excuse whatever it is that ben is doing.
i promise he is just blocking out the sun.
my biggest savvy boy.
slightly awkward hand placement.
that's better.
here is my fam.
without me.

no, we did not plan these bathing suits.

ben told us he had "a widdle bit of sand in his shoe."
perhaps we should have stopped and helped him out a tad sooner.

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