September 16, 2011

fail photo 37: my kids don't look like me!

i am told on a semi-regular basis that my kids look just like bernie.
more specifically, folks usually say that anth looks just like bern.
i generally have two responses, depending on the audience.
one involves smiling and agreeing wholeheartedly.
the other involves agreeing and making some flip remark about genetics.

but, you know what?
i really don't see it.
there, i said it.
i don't actually think my kids look much like me.
or bern.
i think anth looks a lot like anth. and ben like ben.
i have always contested that benny actually looks like the men in my family.
so, during our august trip to see the fam in california, i took a minute to scan a few pictures around the house.
because me telling random people in ohio that i think ben looks like my grandpa isn't all that helpful.
now, you have it.
photos to weigh in on.
so i guess these aren't the traditional mysavvyboys "fail photos," so much as my photos of my kids failing to look like me.

also included below are pictures that show that the boys really did look a lot like one another at certain ages, though they don't right now.

for starters, here is what we look like.
except for my foot of missing hair that i can't grow back as fast as i'd like.
(this photo was taken by pricsilla of 

here's another shot of bern.
since his face is the one in question.
and because i think it's a cute photo of him.
i have no idea what ben is reacting to so strongly on a children's playground.

this is my dad.
this picture will do absolutely nothing to prove that anth or ben look like him.
i just think it's a really cool picture.

this is my dad and his brother.
my Uncle Harry.
circa 1990-something.

here is my sister and i with our Grandpa Harry.
#1 - dear mom, that bow in my hair is potentially the reason i dressed in all black for most of high school. that's a whole lot of girliness going on up there.
#2 - also, i am wearing white socks with black dress shoes.
#3 - this was the thing to do in 1987.
#4 - no, it wasn't.
#5 - look how freaking cute my little sister is.
for a better comparison, this is Grandpa Harry up close.
you will note that these photos were clearly in frames before i scanned them.
and that my grandpa was not originally wearing a magenta jacket as i had thought all these years.

this is benny.
he is close to 6 months old here.

here, you will note benny rocking the same smile as that of my dad and his brother in the 90's.
and this includes my "i think ben looks like he has some Welch in him" photo series.
(bern's house has some good evidence of benny also looking like his Uncle Frank Anthony, but i thought it would seem odd to start taking photos off of their walls during our last visit.)
now, this is benny at 18 months old.
he looks all sweet an innocent.
but, that is actually a piece of candy/gum/something sweet sticking out from behind his head.
the only reason he is smiling is so that he can eat it.
and this is aunt katie with anthony at about 15 months.
similar, right?
and, just because i was busy scanning, here is a picture of me from the late 70's.
let it be known, combovers on babies were all the rage in 1978.

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  1. Of all those pictures I really think the boys look most like the youngen in the very last one. Truth!