October 6, 2011

potty talk

at the daycare that both anth and benny attended, they label some of the less classy words that children learn, and then repeat, as "bathroom words."
you are only to use these "bathroom words" when describing actual bathroom functions. 
this suits bern and i just fine, so we apply this rule at home as well. 

tonight, ben won the coveted spot of "boy who gets to get out of the tub first."
he did this by letting me wash his hair first. 
on his way out of the tub, anth made a random comment about my system not being fair. 
ben turned to anth and responded, "and you are a poopie."

i turned ben to face me, and reminded him that "bathroom words" were not acceptable, and should especially not be used when talking to your friends and family. 
ben looked absolutely befuddled. 
"but, mommy! i said 'poopie' in dah bathroom!" 

up for a challenge? 
try explaining to a pre-schooler that "bathroom words" are about intention, rather than exact geographical location. 
it's a good time. 

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