October 7, 2011

fail photo 40 - Macy's strikes again

a while back, i posted a fail photo that was not of my kids.
taken while my parents were in town.

my parents were here again last week.
and we went back to Macy's.
(they have the best selection of Fossil purses, which my mom and i have a tradition of perusing.)
and, lo and behold, there was another display that made me think, "thank goodness i don't have the boys with me."
here it is:

i mean, i get that the brand is "impulse," but . . .?
i'm not sure that the best impulse to suggest is leaving one's house wearing only accessories.
(i guess this all depends on where you are heading.)
and no, i'm not a prude.
i appreciate the humor of a display made of well-placed purses.
(though, if you look closer, the purse on the top right is not even all that well-placed.)
even better?
the view of the mannequins from behind.
my assessment?
someone at the local Macy's is a little bit . . . "frustrated."

note: i showed this picture to my husband. he was completely indifferent about the display. but he did get a good laugh when it came to the action i accidentally caught in the background.

Parents of America,
if you are too distracted shopping for shoes to notice the child whose hand you are holding is in the middle of falling over, please make sure there is not a camera around taking your picture.
just a suggestion, really.

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