October 18, 2011


recently, while checking anth's work after brushing his teeth, bern noticed that anth was getting a permanent tooth.
behind his baby teeth.
i immediately did the most logical thing.
i googled "permanent teeth growing in behind baby teeth."
and, i found a variety of articles, chat rooms and advice on the topic.
this, minimally, told me that this was a somewhat common thing.
specifically, i learned that that this is nicknamed "shark teeth."

because we are not medical experts in any way, shape or form, we decided to give his dentist a call. 
in prepping anth for the appointment, bern and i let him know that, sometimes, kids have to have a few teeth pulled in order to make their incoming teeth fit properly.
just in case.
anth shared that, if it was going to make everything work better, he thought we should probably just go ahead and have the teeth pulled.

anth's appointment was yesterday.
while he was getting dressed, he stopped to ask me, "mom? should i wear a darker shirt? if i'm going to get blood all over the place, it would probably show up less on a darker shirt."

1. true.
2. apparently we forgot to explain the concept of a consultation
3. my 6-year-old, who is perfectly willing to have portions of his face removed if it is more fucntional, was completely unphased by this prospect. even though he seemingly thought it might entail some form of a blood bath.
4. but the idea of staining a shirt? unacceptable.
5. he is truly his father's son.

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