October 24, 2011

really, author? really?

one of the requirements in anth's classroom is that the students read for 15 minutes at home each night.
anth loves it.
we love it.
it's a highly lovable thing.

in order to keep the process fresh/exciting, the students are given time to wander around the room and pick a new book to bring home each day.
bern and i appreciate the new reading materials on a daily basis.
as a result, we often ask what book anth picked out that day.
why we do this, i have no idea, as anth categorically forgets what book it was until we get it out of his bag.
sometimes he has a vague notion, like "it's about a giraffe."

a few weeks ago, anth had a vague notion.
about the title of a particular book.
as in, he said, "i don't know mom, it's something like The Manly Fairy."
or, at least that was what i heard.
and immediately, my mind went in a thousand directions.
  • perhaps this is educational
  • perhaps this is about gender stereotypes
  • what on earth are the illustrations in this?
  • i was picturing a story about the plight of the male pixie
  • i was curious how they would handle this sensitive topic at a 1st grade reading level
turns out that, maybe, i should have just pulled the darn book out of the bag first.
because the book was, in fact, called The Manly Ferry Pigeon.
for real.
it was about a bird.
who rides around on a ferry.
that operates out of the city of Manly.
which is in New South Wales.
according to Wikipedia.

you, too, can have this book for exactly $1.00.

so, clearly, you can understand my confusion.
it's not just me?

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  1. Aww yay Manly! I remember being confused as well when I lived in Sydney and my boyfriend took me to the rugby for the Manly Sea Eagles team. I was like- do we taunt them by calling them the Feminine Sea Eagles? Just had to share that with you since you are talking about my side of the world :)