October 27, 2011

what i said vs. what he heard...

first, thank you very much to alice for taking care of a sick version of benny, Thor hammer and all, today so that i could attend an event on campus. 
i apologize. 

because i had benny with me today, i left work early, and we picked up anth shortly after he got out of school. 
as we were driving home, someone almost drove into the side of our car. 
(for real.)
(i need to clarify because folks who have driven with me know that i eternally think that someone is about to swerve into our lane.)
(this person, in fact, was driving out of her lane in a parking lot and into lane i was in.)
(with her head stuck in her purse that was apparently on the floor of the passenger side of her car.)
(to this, i say, at least put it on your passenger seat, lady.)

Woman With Head Closer To Floor Of Car Than Windshield almost drove into us. 
i swerved to miss her. 
and then i said, "freaking poop!"
(harsh, i know. it's shocking it was not worse.)
eternal rule abider, anth, scolded me.
"mom! if you are going to use bathroom words, i will start using them, too."
i apologized. 
then i told anth i didn't think he would do that because he was a good boy and was smart enough to know that he could choose to follow rules even when other people forget. 
he looked at me in the rear view mirror with sadness. 
"mom. do you realize you kind of just told me that you aren't a good girl and you aren't very smart?"

now i do, sweet boy.
now i do.

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