November 29, 2011

climb every mountain. . .

last weekend, we were supposed to decorate for the holidays.
instead, we watched Ohio State play Michigan on saturday, and then built a bunk bed. 
on sunday, we shopped for christmas decor.
we had some. 
but it was kind of a sad amount. 
this is mainly because we usually head to california for the holidays, but are celebrating in our own home for the first time this year. 
santa has decided he would like to head down our non-existent chimney and provide whatever size gift he wants on christmas day. 
this made things like outdoor lighting, garland, and more snowmen necessary. 
so we hit up target and joann's on sunday. 
then we ran around looking for bedding for the guest room we suddenly acquired via bunk bed. 
and then we built a desk and a dresser and the trundle bed. 

lots of christmas music.
no christmas tree.
just some garland around the staircase.
(which, by the way, made for an experience of unmatched expectations tonight. we put up the garland while the boys were sleeping last night. so bern wanted to show it to them tonight with the lights on. he had the boys come into the room with their eyes closed, plugged it in and told them to look. anth, of course, thought it was beautiful. ben surveyed the room and was upset that there was "christmas but no presents." oops.)

anth loves christmas lights. 
bern is at the the OSU/Duke basketball game tonight with his Uncle Bill.
i am packing for a trip to visit my friend Kelly in Madison this weekend. 
this means another night of no holiday decorating. 
but, i thought that i could at least give the boys a strand of lights for their room. 

here it is. 
(you will note that we have not yet put the books back on the shelf.)

in order to put up the lights, i stood on the little table anth is sitting on in the picture above. 
anth, seeing me standing on the table, yelled, "mom! oh no! be careful up there!"
(you will also note that "up there" is a loose term when you consider the height of this table.)
while looping the lights over the curtain rod, i told him, "don't worry, anth. i won't break the table."
i wish i could have seen his face, because i could hear the exasperation in his voice. 
"NO, mom. i'm not saying that because you're so BIG. i'm saying it because you're so OLD."

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