November 28, 2011

it's always time for christmas music

so, i don't actually think it's always time for holiday music. 
but, i am always ready for it to be time for holiday music. 
as such, i decided this year that the week before Thanksgiving was the appropriate time to bring on the holiday cheer. 
i officially kicked off the holiday season in the car, boys in tow, with the Glee Christmas Album. 
number 2. 

benny quickly decided that his favorite is Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town. 
this is entertaining to me because it is about being good or bad, and ben teeters on the brink when making some of these decisions.
but, he loves it. 
this, of course, means repeat. 

at some point while we were driving and listening to this song for the nth time, ben decided it was not cold enough outside to warrant a vest. 
and he demanded that i immediately remove it from his 5-point-harnessed person. 
while driving. 
he then became quite...spirited...when i informed him that was not able to do so at the time. 

anth turned to ben, put his hand on his arm, and waited for him to calm down enough to listen.
"ben, you better listen to this song. even though it just sounds like a happy little song, it's the truth!"

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