November 18, 2011

fail photo 43: more trick than treat

i did it!
i posted a fail photo friday post...on friday!
sometimes, we must celebrate the little things. 

yesterday i shared some photos of our pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating moments. 
here is what the majority of my pictures actually looked like. . .

alex is a hugger. 
normally, anth is as well. 
except i'm thinking he was caught off guard in this particular moment. 
(note: they are actually standing.)

we decided to go out onto the porch to get better light for our pre-trick-or-treat photos. 
ben refused to take off his mask. 
or align his eyes with the mask holes. 
at that same moment, anth decided that this was a good expression for a photo.

insert alex into picture. 
ben takes off mask, but refuses to look at the camera. 
anth gets another hug. 

ben puts the mask back on his face.
(yes, these are in chronological order.)
anth takes a catnap.
while, perhaps, meditating.
alex gives up on my boys.

one last attempt. 
benny pulls up the mask party way. 
anth's hood slips. 
mommy gives up on the photo opp.

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  1. Aaaamazing! Our kids are awesome. For rizzle.