November 21, 2011


those of you who know my husband well know that he adored his Granpda.
i would say that most folks who knew "Grandpa", as he was universally called by the family, also had a soft spot for him.
including me.
sadly, bern's grandpa passed away recently.
this sent me on a tour through the 19, 850 photos on our computer.
here are a few of my favorites. . .

bernie, anth & grandpa at Alum Creek, june 2005.

three generations of Savarese men, with my dad.  july 2005

granpda visiting anthony at our apartment on 9th & worthington.
that has since been demolished.
october 2005

grandpa looking horrified at how sweaty anthony used to get while napping.
(ok, he's not really horrified. but seriously, the kid was an oven.)
april 2006.

trick-or-treat at Alum Creek, october 2006.

anth's second birthday party, april 2007.

benny & bernie, april 2009.

all the Savarese men & grandkids, july 2009.
(those are the boy's cousins, Katelynn, Jason & Dylan. Cutie pies.)

bern's cousin francesca's high school graduation party, may 2010.

benny stealing a kiss at grandpa's birthday party, august 2010.

hot mess of a photo in which 50% of the subjects are paying attention, thanksgiving 2010.

benny gets his own Buzz Lightyear from grandpa for christmas 2010.
this is a Very Big Deal.

krystyne catches grandpa enjoying the boys' presents from Christmas 2010.

bernie's Fisher School of Business graduation ceremony, march 2011.

benny's 3rd birthday, march 2011.


bern's MBA graduation party, march 2011. 

benny & benny, march 2011. 

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