November 1, 2011

mom's are SO embarassing

recently, ben has taken to giving what he calls "monkey hugs."
this involves him wrapping his arms around your neck and his legs around your torso. 
and much clinging. 
you could essentially walk around the house and go about your chores with both hands and he would be there for a significant amount of time. 

tonight, we had dinner in the oven and it was going to take a bit. 
while bern managed dinner and packing lunches, i ran the boys upstairs to give them a bath.
after, i got benny into his pajamas and was about to towel off his hair when he hopped in for a "monkey hug."
i told him he was sweet and that i loved him. 
he told me i couldn't say this. 
so, as he glued himself in place, i toweled off his hair and said, "i love you i love you i love you i love you..." 
(it was the mature thing to do.)

ben, still clinging on with one hand, unwrapped his other one to put it on my collarbone and look me in the eyes.
"stop saying that mommy. it's just awk-wood."

i have no idea who taught my 3-year-old how to properly use "awkward" in this kind of setting. 
but i imagine it is only the start of me receiving this kind of feedback from my little man. 
and so it has begun. . .

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