November 2, 2011

punch line

at the top of each month, we do a little family dinner date. 
we usually end up at Las Margaritas. 
but, tonight, we opted for Rooster's
their tag line is "a fun, casual joint."
and, really, it is. 
it also has wings for mom and dad, nachos for anth, and grilled cheese for benny. 
an all-around savvy crowd pleaser. 

because Rooster's is both fun and casual, part of their decor includes a random smattering of white pieces of paper with random quotations/jokes printed on them in black ink. 
anth, being the little reader that he is, was taking in his environment and reading the ones near our table. 
suddenly, he laughed. 
"oh dad. listen to this one, it's hilarious..."

(insert terrible picture from phone camera)

can't read it? 
allow me to assist. 
it says this:
3 words you never want to hear when making love. "honey, i'm home!"

anth read this for all of us to enjoy. 
"man. that's funny."
now, i KNOW he has no idea what makes this funny to the adults in the room. 
but, i am quite curious what makes it funny to him.
(while also frightened to ask.)

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