November 8, 2011

play date plus

this fall, benny transitioned into the pre-school room at his child care center. 
for all of his spunk and sass, he has found it to be a bit of a tough transition at times. 
he's not used to being the little boy being told what to do by the big boys. 
(and we all know how he feels about being told what to do.)
as a result of all of this, our littlest man has enjoyed going back to visit his teachers in his former classroom. 
he is nostalgic for the days when life was a bit more simple. 

tonight, at dinner, benny was apparently pondering this situation. 
because, out of nowhere, he suddenly declared that our family needed to marry his former teacher so that she could come live with us. 
and he went on from there for about 10 minutes, and 5 more at bedtime. 

from what we can deduce, this is his plan: 
- bern and i have to marry said teacher, because he and anth are too young. 
  (the fact that bern and i, and the teacher, are married is not a wrench to him.)
- the teacher cannot live in the basement, because there is not a potty. 
- thus she will live upstairs with the rest of us
- she, and her husband, both have room at the dinner table, because we have a 6-seater.
- he believes she will make him a great deal of Ramen and peanut butter sandwiches. 
- she will has access to all of his toys, and she is welcome to bring hers when she moves in. 
- and in return, he will let her play on the DS. 
(note: the DS is not his to share. but it's just about the best thing he could imagine having access to, so i believe this is considered an amazing payment for moving in with all of us.)

bern and i suggested that maybe we start with visiting his old classroom soon. 
and, perhaps, let the kid have a bowl of Ramen sometime soon. 

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