November 14, 2011

seek and you shall find. . . my blog

when i first started blogging, i got a kick out of tracking the hits on the site on Google Analytics.
this was only entertaining for so long, and i have since basically stopped.
in order to drive up hits i would have to have a different blog entirely.
or offer incentives.
and i'm thinking that the only offer i have right now is "leave a comment to get one of my extra 10 xmas cards i ordered so i could get the bulk price."
and that is not nearly as exciting as the fun prizes available on the blogs i follow.

so i stopped looking.
except for one little feature that is built into the Blogger site that i love to check on occasion.
this would be the "Traffic Sources" page.
it basically shows me from where most folks are linking to the blog (Facebook, etc.).
but, the best part is that it shows me what keywords people have used in search engines that brought them to My Savvy Boys.
i like to check these every few weeks.
i gain absolutely nothing from these other than entertainment.
and, after quite a long week and no energy to post something useful, i thought i would share them with you.

these are from the last month.
in an effort to not be completely lazy, i have categorized them for you. . .

Things that make sense:
My savvy boys
My savvy boys blog
Benny bern

People who didn’t get what they wanted, though i've mentioned the topic:
Boogie board beach Kauai
Holidays exhausting
Geothermal wells on ohio state campus
Face art boys
Boys buzz haircuts hairstyles
Zhi karaface
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
An ipod made out of perler beads
Overalls in the 90s
Atreyu neverending story
Snowsuit wearing
Things that are shaped like a square
Ice rink border
My kids don’t look like me (so sorry to the person who was searching this one in earnest)
Beyblade top spinning
People who didn’t get what they wanted, but I find entertaining:
Boys are confusing songs (i like to believe they were making a mixed tape)
Frankie and bennys big balloons for anyone to play with
Boys are like analogies (i could offer a few about my boys. . .)
Searches I find concerning/wish did not relate to my site
Legal forms of torture
“playing with matches”
(i was tempted to add frankie and the big balloons here as well.)

Most popular search other than something that included “my savvy boys:

so, there you have it, friends.
these the things in life that make me giggle.

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