December 12, 2011

the dropsies

so i just wrote, once again, about my Craft Starting Disorder last week.
and now, i have a new one to claim.
i have The Dropsies.
more specifically, the Distraction Induced Dropsies.
whenever i am trying to manage 14 things at once, and thinking about a 15th, and happen to be carrying anything, i drop it.

this week, i had an epic moment of dropsiness.
i was driving from the north side of campus to park in the Ohio Union Garage on south campus.
i had my iphone in my coat pocket.
when i went to get out of the car, i did the awkward maneuver that only people-who-carry-unnecessarily-large-bags will completely understand.
i did the weird heft-the-bag-over-the-steering-wheel-while-tipping-sideways maneuver.
except, apparently, i tipped a little too far.
and my cell phone fell out of my coat pocket.
a whopping 1.5 feet.
but, as is generally my luck, it hit at the perfect angle to shatter the screen of the phone like a damaged windshield.
randomly, i was headed to a meeting in bernie's building, so i stopped over there first.
to walk into his office with a pout-lip and my phone held out in front of me.
i have to say, i have a patient husband.
if i was me i would have been frustrated with me.
he just called the Apple store to see what our insurance would cover.
meanwhile, i put a post-it on the phone with the information.
and when i went to move it, it came off with several shards of glass stuck to the sticky part.

bern swapped out my phone for a new one and helped me restore the information.
i realized that i had lost some data today at work.
when i had another attack of the Dropsies.
this episode came on after i walked down the hallway to get a cup of water, headed back to my office, set the cup on my desk, and promptly knocked it over.
all over.
i thought i would take this photo to demonstrate exactly how much of the water i managed to spill:

note the small sip i managed to preserve.

anyway, when i went to take this photo, i realized that i lost all of my photos from November 22nd on.
so, no fun photos to share from my trip to Madison.
and, no photo of anth's recent holiday-related craft i was going to post about tonight.
because i will have to retake it.
and tell the story another day.
i tell myself that i remember being (at least slightly) more competent at life before i was distracted by kids.
but to be honest, my memory is shot these days, too.

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