December 15, 2011

getting crafty

apparently,  My Savvy Boys is in the business of doing dedications these days. 
last week, it was to my sister Katie. 
today, this post is for my college roomie's husband. 
based on a random facebook conversation with Joy this week. 
sadly, Adam, it's only a semi-intentional dedication. 
i start a lot of posts around here to have extra things on deck. 
and then, sometimes, the boys just get on a roll of doing silly things. 
and the queued up posts get lost and forgotten. 
and eventually it's just too late. 
case in point, i have a few great posts about benny's birthday that i never got around to using. 
his birthday is in march. 
but, this one is only about two months old. 
so, adam, it seems it is time for me to bring this one out for you. . . 

i love crafts.
as in, i could happily spend half a day wandering around Joann Fabrics.
and then head over to Michael's for more.
most of the time, the idea of a project is best.
i discussed my chronic Craft Starting Disorder here last summer.

anth also loves crafts.
he is my new partner in crime when i want to head to Joann's.
as long as i promise he can pick two crafts to take home with him, he will dutifully follow me about the store in pursuit of the perfect sticker, the latest yarn, etc.
recently, anth and i went to Joann's to get some holiday garland for our staircase.
at the end of this project, he picked out a flat, wooden, penguin-shaped ornament to paint, as well as a little loom to weave dishcloths.
yes, his is that awesome.
and if you think that a kid who picks a loom for fun is not awesome, well then, maybe it's you, my friend, who is lacking in the awesome department.
(you can pause here to ponder this if necessary. it's going to be important for the rest of this post.)

anth loves crafts.
i am regularly looking for new ones.
i am currently excited by a flower-from-tissue-paper craft that a colleague, Heather, taught me this week.
if time allows, we shall be making some tissue poinsettias this weekend.
but, because i have been slacking about posting, as my sister so lovingly pointed out, here is a nice long post with bonus photos.
as the last photo will reveal, this is about two months old.
but, benny decided to get in on the crafting action this particular weekend, so it was necessary to photo-document.
here you are. . .

anth loves iron beads.
they require a precision in the Land of Motor Skills that benny has not yet developed.
here is the only photo i have of benny attempting this before it was promptly decided that "dese are just no fun."
ben does love to paint.
and he loves collecting coins.
perfect craft?
make your own piggy bank.

the kid was focused.

he worked so long, he needed to prop up his own head.
that's dedication.

my poor boys.
i will declare just about anything time for a joint picture.
they are so patient with humoring me.
they must know that they rely on me for sustenance.
or something.
benny insisted his piggy have a green scarf.
i helped him a bit with the edges.

benny gave him a really good coat of paint.
really good.
perhaps more so in some places than others.
i suggested he cover up the white parts and he eventually manged to do so.

ben also made the executive decision that "piggies are always muddy."
fair enough.
he also had me help him paint eyes on his masterpiece.
"so my piggy can see me."

anth worked on a series of "stained-glass" halloween decorations.
i am a toot and did not take many pictures of these due to being distracted by ben's artwork.
he also worked on a few involving small beads that needed to be melted in the oven.

i'm pretty darn excited to have them home for a week over the holidays.
i am debating teaching anth how to knit.
which could probably warrant it's own blog. 
i'll keep you posted. . .

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