July 7, 2011

reality? check.

if you read yesterday's post, you already know I was rather pleased with the wine cork wreath i made on tuesday.
tickled, even.
mostly because i have CSD.
Craft Starting Disorder.
i am typically fully invested in new craft projects.
until they are about 63% complete.
then they are old craft projects.
or, perhaps, more-tedious-than-fun craft projects.
then they sit in the craft cupboard.
and there they remain.
really, i should learn from this.
be more self aware.
stick to knitting and card making.
but new crafts are so shiny.
full of potential.
until I get to them.

i was proud of my wine wreath.
he took one look at it and, clearly unaware of my severe case of CSD, asked, "so you basically took ALL of those corks and made a really big bagel?"


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