December 25, 2011

merry everything!

so much prepping and it's finally here! 
i took a bit of time this week to glance back at the boys' christmas photos from the last 6 years. 
i thought i would share. . . 

anth's first christmas. 2005
he was just as excited as mom to be posing for his first holiday photo card. 

 he was much more excited to dig into the presents on christmas morning. 
(no, i don't recall where his clothing is.)

 we had to ask him to lay off the nog. 
they start so young these days. 

and, once again, anth is displeased. 
probably with the ridiculous outfit i thought was cute at the time. 

just like his mom, anth has always been ready for appetizers. 

 anth. christmas 2006. 

 it's hard to unwrap when you refuse to drop the snack.

 christmas 2007.

 prepping cookies for santa.

anth wanted to wait for santa to come. 
he asked to take his dinner by the tree just in case. 

 santa ate the cookies!!

benny entered the scene for christmas 2008.
with this hat. 

 and this one. 

  back to grandma and grandpa welch's this year. 

christmas 2009 brought with it the most amazing holiday photo card shoot ever. 
bless kelly's heart for continuing to attempt to get a good picture of my children. 

when she was mostly getting this. 

it was so bad, it was shocking.

feeling the christmas spirit. 
it's sweet to see him be happy for his big brother. 

and, christmas 2010.
this marked the last year that anth let me put whatever i wanted on his head and snap a picture. 
he is suddenly aware of how embarrassing his mother can be. 

i promise to capture the moments of Christmas 2011 for future fun!
Happy Everything to all those celebrating this winter!

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